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With us you will cut the middle man. We will provide all the tools you need to keep your rate at a low competitive price with excellent 24 Hour customer service and technical support.

The Banks

The majority of the banks use a third party processor. They process your payments which involves more fees and generates more cost (i.e. long term contracts, equipment purchasing and lease agreements that the bank will not absorb).

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Next Day Funding

Get your money FAST with ETP’s Next Day Funding

Many merchants depend on receiving their deposits quickly in order to keep their business running smoothly. Most ETP MERCHANTS qualify for Next Day Funding and REAL money is deposited, not just a memo note.


EMV Chip Cards

EMV credit cards are identified by metallic chip that stores payment information and is used in place of the familiar magnetic strip.

This chip is smart, secure and virtually impossible to duplicate. Here’s how it works: during a transaction, the chip secretly and securely passes data to an EMV payment device using a unique, one-time code that cannot be used again. If the card is illegally duplicated, the code will have already been used, signaling that the card is fraudulent.

PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council is comprised of the major credit card associations (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Japan Card).

They have established a set of security standards to ensure that merchants and service providers follow best practices in order to reduce credit card fraud and security breaches. By accepting VISA and MasterCard payments, merchants and service providers are required to become Payment Card Industry compliant.

Running any online business means harmonization between various commerce aspects. Maybe an essential thing is a direct link between the payment choice and customers that they select. Due to this, business individuals are seeking for the best and reliable assistance. For satisfying the needs, we come with a stunning range of merchant services. Our company has a team of skilled merchant experts who will create an excellent shopping experience for buyers that they have in-line at the grocery store.  Apart from that, we also make it probable for the online commerce to accept debit and credit cards. We not only provide some useful services but also expand the payment choices to many newer items.  There are lots of merchant services firms offer this helpful service so our try and work hard to bring merchant services with complete satisfaction to our potential clients. For knowing about our company, kindly hire our official portal where anyone can check the reliability, safety, and other vital details of our merchant services.

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We are the reliable service providers who are having an excellent range of experience and expertise in transferring money instantaneously between the bank accounts when shielding and protection details which are processed via the data stream. Our best and efficient merchant experts always encrypt with advanced technology. Our Bankcard Services Company also assists business in accepting the MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover at minimal rates. Our merchant services provider uses specialized and reliable techniques to make our merchant services unique from others. We are also well-known for our integrity, stability, and reliability.  Our team of highly skilled and reliable merchant service providers offers lowest prices to enhance the user experience of our clients.  Apart from that, we also help you to get some additional conveniences.

Utilize Merchant Services Companies

If you need credit card tools, software, POS, debit/ATM card processing, continuous customer service and have unique requirements, you can hire our merchant services companies that will find an ideal solution which perfectly suits your needs. We are not only facilitating the fund transfer between online accounts but also aid with many administrative tasks of your online business. There are specialized features and major specialties of our merchant services that attract many online businesses towards our company and encourage them to utilize our merchant services immediately. When you decide to get the merchant services for your business needs, you can directly hire us who facilitates attractive transaction processes and fees.

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